Austroinstal, Timişoara

Decembrie 1989 Nr. 71
300219 Timişoara - Calea Sagului
Căsuţa Poştală: 71
ultima actualizare a fost cu mai mult de 6 luni în urmă

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Firma specializata in instalati solare, fotovoltaice si pompe de caldura.Profesionisti in incalzirea in pardoseala garantam economii in semnate in dreptul bugetului dumneavoastra si va oferim garantia unei lucrari de calitate.

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Underfloor heating provides a saving of up to 30% in floor heating dumneavoastra.Efectund budget with new benefit more discounts: in poardoseala heating, solar panels, solar panels, heat pumps, floor vacuums is centrale.incalzire economical than traditional radiators by 30%. underfloor heating is done with pipe manufactured by CEECs in GERMANIA.incalzire floor is a new technique in Romania, we are authorized field for over 20 years, solar panels: solar energy is the cleanest form of energy on earth and is virtually huge inepuizabila.Cantitati of this energy falls on the earth every day.
However, it is quite capturing and hitting them, hot water or electricity mainly
Solar energy is used for water heating in domestic heating, partially or completely, warming pools or hot water industry ensuring specific activities.
Effective means, then you can capture and use solar energy to reduce or replace other conventional energy sources.
Solar panels Trip brand are present in many European fathers led by Germany and Spain where the clients are being sold in over 60 countries around the solar lume.Panoul Trip CLSF is the best selling solar panel in Spain and Italy and Find the list BAFA in Germany
High quality due to modern technology that is built as well as their high quality materials from which it is made (surface covered with absorber TINOX a special paint with the highest degree of absorption of solar radiation and tempered glass with a low iron, which reflects very little sunlight, only 3%) make it a top product.
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